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Livechat.org.in welcomes everyone above EIGHTEEN years of age for respectful and considerate conversation. By accessing this web site or any service provided by this web site, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Any user found violating the terms and condition of this web site are blocked/banned by the Admins of this website. Admins have the right to monitor chat sessions and any individual found not following the rules and regulations will be automatically kicked or banned from the chat room.


Rules and Regulations of the Chat Room. We request users to avoid following

  1. Sexual Conversation
  2. Abusing or using Foul or Bad language
  3. Racism/Anti-Semitism/Hate
  4. Politics and Religion Conversations
  5. Disrespectful discussion of another's Culture or Nationality
  6. Providing links of other websites
  7. Spamming or Flooding the Chat room
  8. Any sort of illegal activity like pirating or hacking
  9. Harassing anyone including users, moderators and admins

The above list is not exhaustive, but demonstrative.


General Guidelines/Suggestions

We request you not to disclose any personal information with others you interact with on Livechat.org.in We are not responsible for any harm caused due to sharing information such as, personal e-mail, telephone number and address. Please proceed with caution.



Livechat.org.in is not liable and is not responsible for any kind of problems created due to opinions and views expressed or how anyone reacts to any content on this web site. Please use all services provided by Livechat.org.in at your own risk.


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Content posted by you

You remain solely responsible for the content posted by you on this website. By using this web site you agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of this web site. If you do not agree, please refrain from using any service provided by Livechat.org.in.


Legal Notice

Livechat.org.in is a place to have good conversation. We reserve the right to disclose your personal information as required by law if you are found using this web site for illegal purpose or found causing damage to the web site or any other activity which is against law and Terms and Conditions of this web site.


Changes in Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to modify or update Terms and Conditions at any time. We encourage you to review Terms and Conditions from time to time.


Contact Us

For any questions, suggesions or complaints about Livechat.org.in, please write to us at: admin@Livechat.org.in